Logistics is the “process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.”

Logistics comprises of:

  • Procurement cycle 
  • Inventory management across all godowns 
  • Inbound logistics 
  • Outbound Logistics 
  • Route Definition and allocation 
  • Vehicle Master/spare Parts 
  • Driver & Cleaner Master 
  • Trip Details(Vehicle, Driver, Route Allocation, Loading, Offloading Charges, other expenses) 
  • Imprest accounting and adjustments 
  • Strong Inventory and procurement management 
  • Strong Sales and distribution cycle 
  • Vehicle/Fleet and transport management 
  • Route planning, route allocation and monitoring 
  • Truly Web based application and interface for fleet staff 
  • Truly Mobile & PDA based application, can be operated by mobile staff integrated with GPS 
  • Dipiction on Maps GIS or maps

Integration with GPS System

  • GPS Data Download Application
  • Application middle layer
  • Updating in ERP(Online/Offline)
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Tracking of containers/consignment

Clearing & Forwarding

  • Authority Master, Customer master, Shipping line master
  • Warehouse master, Container master
  • Bill of Lading Entry
  • Bill of lading register(Status updating and making payment at different authority and stages)
  • Vehicle availability check or hiring vehicle for transportation.
  • Invoicing to end Customer, Payment Receiving.
  • The Reckoner logistics is seamlessly integrated with other modules like finance, procurement, inventory, Sales and planning.

Reckoner Fleet management software would have following functions.

  • Vehicle Master/spare Parts
  • Route Definition, planning and allocation
  • Driver & Cleaner Master
  • Trip Details(Vehicle, Driver, Route Allocation, Loading, Offloading Charges, other expenses)
  • Imprest accounting and adjustments
  • Truck wise, Trip wise Details
  • Breakdown Management, Spares management and expenses incurred
  • Fuel, Tire, Spare Part & other consumable management
  • Procurement of New/old Vehicle, Spare part, tires, Fuel and other Consumables.
  • Planning and reorder Level of Spare part, tires, Fuel and other Consumables.
  • Vehicle details and management
  • Driver Management
  • Fuel & expense Management
  • Maintenance & Break down
  • Route Management
  • Insurance and document detail

Key Features

  • Vehicle; key data on vehicles within a fleet(s) , vehicle Management
  • Driver management
  • Mileage; vehicle mileage or utilization within a defined period and deviation from utilization target(s)
  • Fuel consumption; absolute fuel consumption or per 100 km measured against predefined expected level(s)
  • Running costs; costs of repair, fuel, maintenance  and tires in absolute values per km
  • Financial costs; costs of renting/leasing, insurance, depreciation and road taxes in absolute values or per km
  • Outstanding service maintenance; monitor adherence to service maintenance schedule and see overdue vehicles and vehicles due for maintenance
  • Performed service maintenance; cost and description of service maintenance in any defined period
  • Km allocation; allocation mileage to programs or departments to report on users and allocate costs accordingly
  • Total trips made by the vehicle during the day, week, or month.
  • Total distance covered by the vehicle on each trip.
  • Actual Departure & arrival of vehicle.
  • Insurance Renewal & Taxes

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