Reckoner Manufacturing harmonises the availability and use of the 3 Key Factors in any process-based organisation, viz., Men, Machines and Materials. The high degree of definability in-built in the Reckoner System allows you to map virtually any manufacturing process possible. The system even allows working with different Manufacturing Strategies – Made to Stock, Made to Order, or Assemble to Order – to facilitate flexibility to cater to varying order types. Automatic Scheduling and Dynamic Planning, together with the Forecasting tool and the online reporting and processing make Reckoner really a force to reckon with!

Reckoner Manufacturing manages the whole gamut of Production Planning, Shop Floor Management, Machine Allocation & Maintenance and Human Resource Allocation. It generates for your organization optimal (and dynamic) production schedules according to your pre-determined plan. Before actually getting into production, all terms are defined in the system, which allows a systematic functioning of a manufacturing. Reckoner Production Line Design allows classification of plants, shop floors and assembly lines in a hierarchical structure. Production Lines are designed using product routing. It allows simulation of production on dummy lines, to facilitate selection of the best fit of processes. System allows flexible planning and distributes planned orders in short-term plans. Schedules can also be modified according to the workload.

Manufacturing environment could be for Process Manufacturing and Discrete Manufacturing. The user can raise a Production Order based on Production Plan with scheduled dates. Production Order can be raised specifying an associated Routing to be followed, Bills Of Materials, which are required for the production of Semi-Finished and Finished Goods. Reckoner Manufacturing has an automatic scheduler, which schedules Activity and Units. This scheduling can be manually modified. Reckoner Manufacturing, at each stage of production, confirms the percentage of total

Qty that is produced, pending qty etc. Once Production is confirmed, Finished goods are inspected for Quality Assurance and then accepted or rejected or reworked upon. A GRIN is generated for the accepted quantity and Finished Goods are received and inspected in Godowns.

Reckoner Manufacturing interfaces directly with Reckoner Planning. Production Order is generated based on Production Planning. According to the workload, planned orders are distributed into short-term plans. Schedules can also be modified. Reckoner Manufacturing actively interacts with Reckoner Inventory. Requisition for Material is raised based on BOM for the Production Order. Reckoner also allows Back Flushing, wherein the unused material is sent back to the inventory.

Reckoner Manufacturing supports multiple BOM to produce single Item. Shop Floor Controlling can be deployed to automate the manufacturing process. Decision-making becomes easy with online reports, which gives you a complete picture of the current documents and any pending engineering changes.


Reckoner Manufacturing comprises of:

  1. Bills of Materials: facilitates effective management of all your essential engineering,business planning, sales order configuration, material planning, and information.

  2. Shop Floor Control: can select Routing, Bills of Materials, can reserve materials for production, capacity requirement for production units, automatic scheduling of production order and rescheduling.

  3. Process Management: ensures effective planning, execution and control activities for process-oriented manufacturing.

  4. Production Planning and Control: enables planning for the types and quantities of products

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