Team of professionals from the Retail and IT industry, who understand retailing and market challenges to offer you the right business solutions. Reckoner Retails Suite that offers you fully integrated retail automation solutions with store management systems and back office management systems. Focused on developing retail solutions. Ascomp design, develop, implement and continuously innovate to offer you right software solutions. Reckoner Retail solutions that enable your retail business to interact electronically with consumers, capture data at the point of sale, manage outlet operations, analyze data and communicate with other outlets.

Mission To design, develop, deliver and continuously innovate retail software solutions that are simple, secure and easy to use.

Empowering success in an ever-changing world of finger-tip solutions Reckoner Retail gives you the advantage of e-solutions that empower your business to succeed.

Our solutions help retailers worldwide to: 

  • increase their efficiency
  • enhance productivity
  • reduce operating costs
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • increase returns on investment.

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