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Human resource is one of the largest assets and typically represents major expense for any organisation. Consequently Human Resource Management is especially vital for maintaining a competitive edge.
Reckoner Human Resource system meets your needs for a Human Resource Management that ensures effective and efficient operations in a high flux scenario complicated further by dynamic nature of the modern day enterprise.

Reckoner Human Resource integrates an enterprise with its employees. Organisation gets anytime access to employee information and can place Manpower requisition on the net. Besides this, all the information will be available electronically to all the employees for reference and facilitates employees to send their loan application and leave application

Reckoner Human Resource system is responsible for overall human Resource requirement of your company and improves and leverages the knowledge, skills and abilities of the workforce. It provides basis for recruitment, selection and training. It also incorporates leave, Loan, compensation and allowance management of the employees, which could be authorised online. It enables you to maintain unlimited resumes of prospective employees, and provides for selection procedures based on user- defined components. Reckoner Human Resource system makes for a comprehensive and intensive information based solution that offers sufficient flexibility for adapting to future needs.

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