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Reckoner mobile solutions help enterprises to support customers, transactions, and products, and maintain a wider range of business partner relationships. Our mobile solutions securely and cost-effectively distribute and automate subsets of existing enterprise business systems outside of the company network to most industry-standard devices.

Reckoner customers can enjoy a rapid return on investment by increasing customer service, lowering inventory cost, and transact business where and when it happens. Reckoner tools enable companies to easily deploy and manage mobile services to many users and disparate geographies.

Mobile Application Benefits

Manage and enhance business performance and productivity. Experience a significant reduction and increased accuracy in data entry. Reduce the time that your field teams spend on administrative tasks.

  • Empower people, processes, and infrastructure to drive and sustain business growth. Speed up sales cycles, service delivery and revenue generation by streamlining customer interactions. Enable the sales team to secure customer commitments quickly and spend more time selling and less time waiting for information.

  • Increase profits and improve supply chain management. Software specifically designed to streamline your inventory management capabilities and enhance your service levels helps you reduce stock outs and back orders, which also improves customer satisfaction.

  • Integrate the supply chain and increase the value of relationships. Optimize your warehouse management system with powerful supply chain software, and enhance customer interactions and service levels with real-time access to inventory levels, discounts, and special pricing.

  • Improve compliance. Comply more easily with legislation that requires companies in some industries to provide an auditable process route of their products, ingredients, packaging materials, and calibration and cleanliness of equipment.

  • Device flexibility. Each of the applications can be deployed on Windows mobile devices, Apple iOS devices or Google Android devices, providing flexibility to fit your environment.

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