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Organizations across the countries are finding a need to make their business process-on-line. Reckoner Commerce will cater specifically to day-to-day transactions of finance, Inventory, Purchase and Sales of an enterprise.

Reckoner Commerce gives your company efficient supply chain management at every level of your operation. Integrates data captured at all the different stages and provides managers a clear, complete perspective on their business across national, currency, and organizational boundaries. The benefit is that companies streamline their operations and perform activities that add value efficiently and effectively.

Reckoner Commerce Comprises of:

1.) Financials: 

  •       General Ledger
  •       Receivables and Payables
  •       Taxation

2.) Materials: 

  •       Inventory Management
  •       Purchase Management
  •       Vendor Management
  •       Quality Management

3.) Sales and Distribution: 

  •       Customer Management
  •       Distribution Management
  •       Pricing
  •       Sales Management
  •       Order Management

Reckoner Commerce provides complete control at every stage

  1.       Right from customer requirements,
  2.       Processing orders
  3.       Raw Material arrangement
  4.       Inventory management
  5.       Prompt delivery of end products
  6.       Payment processing

Integration within Reckoner:

Reckoner Finance handles all the financial transaction of Reckoner Materials and Reckoner Sales and Distribution. Purchase and Sales Vouchers are automatically generated in the system at the time Invoice is created. Reckoner Finance supports multi-currency transaction and has a powerful reporting system.

Reckoner Materials receives Requisition from Sales against Sales Order and issue goods against Requisition. It also interfaces with Reckoner Finance for Preparation of Vouchers for all the related Financial Transactions.

Reckoner Sales and Distribution interfaces with Reckoner Inventory for its requirement of Finished Goods and also enquiry about availability of Materials by Purchase Module. It also interacts with Receivables/ Payables for payment of bills. It prepares necessary vouchers by interfacing with Reckoner Finance.

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